Assembly Show

Mr. Amazing’s CIRCUS CORNER! is an ONLINE, LIVE tv-style assembly show for schools.

It is a self-contained, fast-paced 30-minute extravaganza of comedy circus acts, visual vaudeville, amazing acrobatics and laugh-inducing clowning held together by the best theme we know of for students: Confidence. Imagination. Resiliency. Cooperation. Understanding. Success. In short, C.I.R.C.U.S!

Assembly ShowThis 1/4-ring, pint-sized “circus-with-a-purpose” is presented by Mr. Amazing, everyone’s beloved Ringmaster. He is joined at each show by one of his Circus Cohorts – guest artists like Mickey, the ever-lovable and completely disruptive clown; Miss Hilary, tightwire artist and hula-hooper extraordinaire; or Forty-TuTu, hip-hop acrobatic dancer.

Ideal time to present this assembly show? You can call us anytime to book the show during the school year!

Mr. Amazing, Ringmaster of Amazing Grace CIRCUS!, explains the wonders of science and art through this amazingly fun and educational performance.  Amazingly, he juggles, jokes, spins plates, tosses diabolos, walks the tight-wire and performs brain games with the audience, while he delivers a story about creativity, art and how Confidence influences lives.

Mr. Amazing’s CIRCUS! is half vaudeville, half circus skills and half science, packaged in an entertaining series of comedy vignettes. 

“Mr. Amazing is simply Amazing! He has a seasoned look to him, but he knows exactly what the young ones and teens want to hear. Of course, any teachers attending his shows also get to revel in his ‘old-tyme entertainment memories’ (with references to Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, and W.C. Fields, to name a few). Hire him immediately!” – Pocantico Hills School District, Interim Principal

“Thank you for a very entertaining afternoon! Mr. Amazing’s CIRCUS is unlike anything we have booked so far.” – Armonk Schools, Armonk, NY

“This was a fantastic show. The kids were engaged: they laughed, they participated and they went home happy. We will be having you back this summer to entertain the teens!” – Children’s Librarian, King’s Daughters Library, Haverstraw, NY

Please contact Mr. Amazing for availability and bookings, at 845-721-5059 or

Assembly Show
Assembly ShowAssembly Shows