2018 Circus Summer Camp FAQs

Camp dates: June 25 – Aug 3, 2018 

Where is your circus camp?

For 15 years we have conducted camp at Grace Episcopal Church, 130 First Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960 in Grace’s Memorial Hall. It is a well-equipped room with air-conditioning. The campus is beautiful and provides a unique atmosphere for campers. The church itself is 156 years old, made of local brownstone. The historical nature of the setting makes our camp very special. Read through to the rest of the 2018 Circus Summer Camp FAQs.

2018 Circus Summer Camp FAQs

CircusKids at camp  

What are the camp hours?

Little Top Camp: 9:00am – 12:30pm; 

Big Top Camp: 9:00am – 4:00pm

What ages attend BIG TOP CIRCUS Camp?

Ages 7 – 14. Call Mr. Amazing if your child is almost 7.

What ages attend LITTLE TOP CIRCUS Camp?

Ages 4 – 6 years old

How do I register my child for camp?

Click here for all forms. Tip: Scroll down to bottom of the page.

2018 Circus Camp FAQs

What will my child do in circus summer camp? Kids are most interested in this particular 2018 Circus Summer Camp FAQ…

Every child in our 2018 Circus Camp learns how to juggle three balls, tumble (beginning to advanced), acrobatics (handstands, cartwheels, forward/back bends and walkovers), acro-balancing (balancing with one or many partners), equilbristics (walking on a tight-wire, balancing on a rolling globe, unicycle or rola bola), aerial (work the static trapeze and climb silks), clown and comedy routines (acting) and how to put on make-up, costumes and a show.

Do you have Early Drop-off or After-Camp Extended Hours?       

Early Drop-off only. Early Drop-off starts at 8:30am (no charge); at 8:00am, there is a $15 surcharge per day. 

Does my child need any prior experience in circus skills?

None…all skills are taught to your child’s ability. As you can see from our 2018 Circus Summer Camp FAQs, the whole curriculum is geared to the healthy development of your child.Circus Summer Camp counselors

What food should my child bring to camp?

Pack your child 2 healthy snacks (morning and afternoon) and a lunch. We provide healthy ice pops every afternoon. See our Checklist for more information. We are a peanut- and nut-free camp. No fast food is allowed in camp. There are no food machines at camp. Please make sure your child walks in with his/her lunch in the morning drop-off period.

Can I stay and watch my child in camp?

As with school, parents are encouraged to drop off and leave their campers on a regular schedule to facilitate the daily routine of camp. If parents have safety concerns, or if their child has special needs, please discuss these with Mr. Amazing.

Do you take day trips? 

All campers and staff stay on premise all day. If it is really, really hot, we may walk the camp down to Nyack’s Memorial Park to cool off in their playground water fountain. Don’t worry: you will be advised of our plans the night before.

Can campers attend for just one week? Walking the Tight-wire at Circus Summer Camp

Yes, but only the first week of a two-week camp. Over the past 15 years, the directors have developed a carefully staged curriculum of skill introduction and advancement that takes place daily over the two-week span of camp. Each day’s work and play builds toward the Showcase of Talents on the last day of camp. During a two-week camp, we are building teams of partners for acrobatics, working on comedy routines that involve multiple participants.

If my child attends one week of camp, can she add the following week if she likes it?

First of all, she is going to love it! Yes, she can add the second week, too!

We have found over the years that campers coming in the second week of camp have a much harder time acclimating to the routine of the camp and to the other campers. We wish that we could accommodate all parent’s schedules. If your summer schedule does not align with our camp schedule, fortunately, there is a silver lining: they can enroll in our CIRCUS SCHOOL held 5 days a week at Westchester Circus Arts in Ardsley (16 minutes from Nyack). We start CIRCUS SCHOOL in early September.

Do you teach anything besides circus skills at your camp? 

All of the arts are allied with Circus: acting, dancing, choreography, music, painting, set decoration. Our skill is that we find each child’s special talent and feature it. No child is left behind (or out) of our circus camp.

Is your circus space air conditioned?

Yes, it is!

I have two children aged 6 and 8, and I have to work all day. Can they both attend BIG TOP CAMP? 

Yes. Magic happens to siblings in camp – they learn to support each other and get along.

Circus Family Fun Day at Circus Camp

Is your Circus Summer Camp open on the 4th of July?

Yes! It’s Family Fun Day. This is considered a regular day of camp, and optional to attend. If you family has other plans for the day, just let the Staff know if you will be attending all day, a half-day or not at all.

We make it really fun for everyone: we open our Circus Summer Camp to your whole family that day. However, this is not a drop-off program for siblings. At least one parent/guardian must attend with their child/ren. If you have to work that day, you can drop the other siblings off for a small charge. If you attend with your children, there is no charge. This is meant to be Family Day at the Circus.

Do you run any other Circus Summer Camps in the area?

Yes, we do. Our sister-circus partner, Westchester Circus Arts Center in Tarrytown, runs a circus arts camp the same dates as we do. In 2018, WCA will have a special camp running in a real circus tent on the campus of The Harvey School in Katonah. They offer only a two-week experience. Imagine your child performing in a real circus show, produced by professional circus performers and entertainers.

What if I want to have you run a Circus Summer Camp in my area?

We would love to. Definitely give Mr. Amazing a call to discuss. We are always looking for opportunitites to expand our camp offerings in towns where kids want to run away to join the circus and still be home for dinner!