Typical Day at Circus Camp

Typical Day at Circus Camp (early arrival possible at 8:30am)

  •   9:00am            Arrive at Camp…First Day Orientation…Circus Journal
  •   9:25am            Circus Warm-up
  • 10:00am            ABC’s of Acrobatics, Tumbling and Handstands
  • 10:30am            10-minute Water/Snack/Bathroom Break
  • 10:45am            Aerial (Silks, Trapeze, Spanish Web)
  • 11:45am             Prep for Lunch
  • 12:00pm            1-hour lunch with circus movies, intro to film comedy greats (Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd)
  •   1:00pm            Acting/Comedy/Movement for Circus/Dance
  •   2:00pm            Circus Stations (groups rotate every 10 minutes to work on a new skill)
  •   3:00pm            10-minute Popsicle and Bathroom Break
  •   3:10pm            Clown Sketches/Show & Tell
  •   4:00pm            Dismissal, Pick-up by Parents
  • * During Week Two, campers and trainers prepare for our End of Session ‘Showcase of Talents’ on the last day with full costume, make-up and choreography.
  • “We just LOVE Mr. Amazing’s Big Top Circus Camp”

    – said every mom in Nyack, NY  

    Parents typically send their children to a 2-week session. 10% of our campers will stay for all 3, 2-week sessions. Many will opt, as well, for our 1-week option. This must be taken as the first week of a 2-week session. At the end of each 2-week session, we will present ‘The Really Big Show: a Showcase of Talent’ in which all the campers from that 2-week period perform their best tricks/acts in the Showcase.

    The second week of camp is reserved for prepping for the Showcase of Talent. Campers decide with the help of the Counselors which acts they are best suited. Rehearsals are conducted each day. On the day of the Showcase, we conduct a final run through, start hair and make-up, then costumes, then perform a one-hour show.

    As a courtesy to parents staying in town on July 4, if the holiday falls on a weekday, our camp stays open for a Circus Family Fun Day: all parents and siblings are invited to come to camp to try out all the equipment. Parents are taught Acrobatic Partnering with their camper-child. It is a great day for everyone!

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