Private Classes


Effective June 5, 2014, AGC’s Circus School will begin accepting applications for private and semi-private sessions for serious students of circus arts. Age range is 10 – 55. These sessions are conducted one-on-one with our director, Carlo Pellegrini, a 40-year veteran of circus arts and circus arts education. Each session runs for one-hour unless otherwise agreed to with Carlo.

Students are expected to come 15 minutes early to class to warm-up prior to the session. Students can expect to accomplish agreed upon goals if they attend each session, accomplish the specified workout routine and put in extra hours of practice. Call Carlo at 845-721-5059 to schedule an interview.


Teachers who would like to enroll in our new Circus Arts Teacher Training program, may contact AGC’s director, Carlo Pellegrini, directly to set up an initial interview.

Circus Arts Level 1 requires a minimum of 180 hours of training to qualify as a trainer in circus arts education. Sessions are hands-on, interactive and curriculum-based. Proprietary Circus Arts Education Workbook provided. Graduates may expect to be hired by AGC or other local circus arts organizations upon completion of training.

It might just be time to join the circus!