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2018 marks the 15th anniversary year of Amazing Grace CIRCUS! It’s hard to believe.

Our fundraising focuses on helping AGC sustain our daily work: to teach children and teens to learn how to ‘take center ring’ in their lives and communities.

Since 2002, donations like yours have helped us touch children’s lives:

  • 75,000 children and teens served in the past 15 years by AGC programs;
  • 150 teens participated as Troupe Members since 2002;
  • 30,000 community service hours generated by Troupe Members;
  • 130 scholarships given to summer circus campers (supported by Episcopal Charities, Commission on Social Ministries, Sally Seiler Scholarship Fun, and you);
  • 10 teens returned after college to teach at circus camp;
  • 5 teens turned professional circus performers.

Why Circus? Because It Works.

Janet’s and my job is to inspire, motivate, cajole, uplift, empower and save kids through circus arts.

Of the 75,000 kids we’ve worked with personally, many have either been on the brink of suicide, suffered abuse, were lost or bullied, were diagnosed to be on a spectrum, or were just having a hard time being a teenager. 

To that end, here is what AGC is working on for 2018:

  • “Circus of Wonder”– the working title of a pilot program for our Advanced Performing Troupe. They will perform at children’s hospitals for young patients who have illnesses that require surgery or long-term treatment. This program will require lots of training hours and education. Working in a hospital environment is not the same as setting up our circus stuff in a school gym on a Friday night. We will need to be trained in hospital protocol, what we can/cannot do with the kids, et al.
  • “The Clown Car” – actually a 12-16 passenger Circus Bus to transport kids from Rockland to our circus school in Westchester, as well as transporting them to our circus camps in Rockland. For families with limited financial resources, transportation is the #1 barrier to their participation in outside enrichment activities (money and food coming in a close second). Episcopal Charities may help us with a grant to start the tires rolling.
  • Westchester Circus Arts is moving to its own building in Pleasantville in February, 2018. AGC will have a new ‘home’ for rehearsals and its equipment (more on that big event in another email).
  • Besides our Big Top Circus Camp in Nyack, AGC will open a second summer circus camp in northern NJ this summer.
  • May 5 is our 15th anniversary gala at Grace Church – alumni performances, special guest stars and an auction. Save the date.

Why donate to AGC?

Well, you may happen to know the co-founders really well. 🙂

To sustain AGC, Janet and I need to raise $100,000 every year from program fees, donors and grants – in that order.

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Amazing Grace CIRCUS! and send to 279 South Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960.

Tax Deductible Donation (we have to include the following)

As always, your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Check with your tax advisor. We will send an acknowledgment thank you letter upon receipt of your donation…as we always do. Our Tax ID is 20-1715582.

As always…Thank you for your love and support.

Carlo and Janet

  • Carlo Pellegrini (aka, ‘Mr. Amazing’), co-founder, executive/artistic director
  • Janet Hayes, co-founder, program director
  •  tel: 845-721-5059

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