Media for Amazing Grace Circus happens all year. Listed here are a few of our media strategies:


“AGC! Fundraising Chair, Jen McCann, and the AGC! Board of Directors, will launch an awareness & fundraising campaign on Sept. 5th – 6th, 2014, through TV interviews, articles and social media to support and sustain AGC! scholarships, camps and programs of Amazing Grace Circus! Please watch the video. Please forward it to all your contacts, so we can increase our exposure and maximize our reach. Your help is greatly appreciated!” 

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In 2009 we produced Circus-in-the-Park Extravaganza. Over 4,000 people attended shows in the AGC Circus Tent. 3,500 spectators lined Main and Broadway watching the first Circus Parade  march down Main Street in over 100 years. Minny the elephant led the Parade to the site where she could be petted by the audience. We reproduced a real Midway with jugglers, contortionists and a Flea Circus. Patrons and the media met at an historic recreation of The Clown Bar, Cirque d’Hiver’s classic bar in Paris, France. We recreated ours in Casa del Sol Nyack’s side bar, Manna. We had an Art Exhibition of Circus Paintings and Posters displayed in Riverspace’s lobby. We want to especially thank the Nyack Historical Society and Nyack Library for offering us archival posters of Oom the Omnipotent, Nyack’s colorful and historic character. Oom was no stranger to media…too bad he wasn’t handling media for Amazing Grace Circus!


One of the most amazing parts of the Extravaganza was the film documentary that resulted: ‘Runaway Circus’, filmed/directed/edited by Angela Snow.

This documentary chronicles the travails of 12 teenagers who faced rain, mud, storms and an artistic director who just had to keep changing scripts at the last minute to make the show ‘work’. The media loved the film as well as several film festivals around the country.

Amazing Grace Circus created history with six generations of circus performers participating in this two-and-a-half week event. Over 4,000 circus-goers entered the tent in Memorial Park Nyack, NY.

Struggling against talent, motivation, and adolescent insecurities, the 12 teenagers in the Amazing Grace Troupe test the saying “run away to the circus” and discover an irresistibly rich history, culture, and their own voice. Behind the tent in the scorching sun and humidity, the teenagers learn the extreme physical skill and dedication required to put on a show. After the nerves and butterflies, they will experience for the first time, what the other performers speak of: that shinning moment in the ring. Overcoming every hurdle imaginable, from all different backgrounds, ages, and cultures, Circus performers unite under a little big top to capture the imagination of young and old.


We are very devoted to the growing industry of circus arts education. A driving force in this market is the American Youth Circus Organization.

Click here to see AGC! Youth Troupe in action at the Sarasota, FL, AYCO Festival in 2011. It was a blast!

One of our greatest allies is Circus4Youth, the youth circus division and media focus of Circus Fans Association of America. Jim Cole is the man behind the curtain that we need to pay attention to! He is Mr. Advocate for All Things Circus. He single-handedly promotes all youth circuses in America and does a darn fine job of it.

Check out the offical Circus4Youth video that AGC!’s Deborah Grosmark, who got her professional start at AGC!, edited for Jim and our industry…her many pictures say it all…and a few of us older circus folks say the rest (Carlo Pellegrini, AGC’s Mr. Amazing, included).


Circus-in-the-Park Extravaganza

Runaway Circus in the news

See The Trailer on YouTube!

Image showing Runaway Circus poster of media for amazing grace circus