Physical Activity in the Classroom

For the past 10 years, Carlo Pellegrini, AGC!’s co-founder, has sat on the Steering Committee of the Rockland County Dept. of Health’s “Steps to Healthier Rockland”. The ‘Steps’ program aimed to make all of Rockland County’s schools healthier by reducing obesity by improving the way kids eat all day at school.

And now we know the program works! The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s annual report on healthy schools reported recently that Rockland County schools are the 3rd healthiest in New York State.

Even bigger news is that research now demonstrates that physical activity in the classroom leads to better test scores and healthier children.

See the attached article for a primer on this subject: Physical Activity In the Classroom.

The video below is produced by Carrie Steindorff, Childhood Obesity Chair of Steps. Under her guidance, Steps produced a graduate level program entitled “Learning in Motion”. Nana Koch, Chair of the Department of Health, PE and Movement Science at Long Island University Post, and Ingrid Allison, PhD, a brain specialist, recruited Carlo to narrate the video.

Click here for Physical Circus Activities you can do in your own classroom:

…created with Chestnut Ridge Middle School students in Ms. Sonia Dominquez’s Spanish class. Sonia is the technology teacher, creator and editor of the videos.