Circus Family Fun Night

CIRCUS FAMILY FUN NIGHT!™ is an amazingly fun family event for the entire school: students, parents, teachers AND administrators! When else can your school have an entire circus roll up to your gymnasium on a Friday night, and have your kids be the stars of the show?

What is Circus Family Fun Night? It’s a Pre-show Midway with hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, Circus Concessions, stilt-walkers and contortionists, followed by a 30-minute Performance by our AGC! Youth Troupe, a 10-minute break to reset the room and sell more concessions, a 60-minute Circus Skills Workshop for parents and kids, ending with The Big Circus Raffle.

Mr. Amazing and Janet Hayes, co-founders of AGC!, are your Ringmaster and MC’s for this event. Fun, fast-paced and educational, we work your PTA/PTO and Cultural Arts Directors to show you how to create an exciting school-wide fundraiser with Circus Family Fun Night!

AGC 2014 Circus Family Fun Night

LOGISTICS: AGC! rolls into your school around 4pm to set up. We bring everything: our colorful backdrops, ringcurb, signage, costumes and sound system. That’s just for our show. As we set up, we give your team of volunteers our popcorn and cotton candy machines, supplies and circus equipment to set-up up your own Circus Concessions area. Then for the Circus Skills Stations, we bring juggling balls, portable tightwire, rola bola, juggling scarves and clubs, spinning plates, diablos, unicycles and rolling globes…FOR EVERYONE TO TRY!

PROGRAM LENGTH: 90 minutes of non-stop fun!

Great for school spirit, family participation, team building and fundraising. Call Mr. Amazing to discuss availability and fees.