Balance & Motion Circus

“Balance & Motion Circus”™ is a one-of-a-kind interactive program that explains the principles of balance and motion with circus skills such as tightwire, equilibristics, peacock feathers, juggling and rolling globe. Appropriate for 2nd graders, students employ active learning methods to physically understand how balance and motion work. Mr. Amazing, the director of AGC!, and his Circus Assistants, lead the fun-tivities. Teachers receive a pre-circus Curriculum Guide and are asked to participate as Circus Mentors during the program. Program Length: 1 – 2 class periods. Number of Students per session: up to 60. Sessions can be run one morning or over several days, depending on the size of your classes. Call Mr. Amazing for fees and availability. This program, and all AGC! educational programs, align with Common Core Learning Standards.