CircusWEEK™ is one of Amazing Grace CIRCUS!s most sought after enrichment programs.

Held during regular PE Class time, three professional circus educators and instructors, conduct ‘Circus School’ for a whole week for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Culminating in a show for the school and parents on the last Friday of the week by AGC’s Youth Troupe, this will be a week long-remembered.

The excitement builds as 5th graders learn the acts and skills they will perform on Friday. 4th graders are filled with anticipation knowing that next year they will ‘graduate’ into the 5th graders’ starring roles. 3rd graders are exposed to the circus classes but only at an introductory level. Time can also be built-in for 1st and 2nd grade classes to have a ‘circus experience’ during their PE class time.

Make this the most looked-forward-to program of your school’s year —  year in, year out!

Call Mr. Amazing for availability… Click here for details: circusweekcffnpromosheet-1

CircusWEEK Student

Clown Noses for All Clowns

Circus Students