For Schools reflects our mission and purpose: to bring the CIRCUS ARTS to Schools.

We are a community circus with a social purpose. We serve all children regardless of race, creed or economic background. All children and teens need adult mentorship, hope and guidance. Our School Time Circus Shows and Educational Programs provide just that.For Schools

AGC! programs are designed to address the 6 key life learning values that help children of all ages become better people: Confidence. Imagination. Respect. Cooperation. Understanding. Success. (c.i.r.c.u.s.)

Our For Schools programs are unique in the field of arts education. Through the teaching of repetitive, progressively learned skills like juggling, equilibristics, acrobatics, aerial arts, ‘Circus Arts Learning’ has become the subject of graduate degrees, Ph.D theses, and bona fide research projects across the world. Circus Arts has been shown to improve student academic achievement due to its combined focus on physical activity and whole brain thinking.

Since our inception in 2002, we have performed for, trained and served over 75,000 children and teens with our core programs. School Principals, PTA/Cultural Arts Directors and Teachers often ask us if we have resources to help them pay our fees. For our in-school, educationally-focused programs, the best source is NY State BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education Services). CLICK HERE for more information on this wonderful program. In many cases, up to 100% of our fees are reimbursable to your school through their Arts in Education program.

Call ‘Mr. Amazing’ (aka, Carlo Pellegrini, co-founder of AGC!) to discuss our For Schools program. He will walk you through our Event Funding Strategy and show you how to make money for your school, community center, church, synagogue, non-profit or for-profit organization with our programs. 

Student spinning plates, Circus Family Fun Night program

Student spinning plates, Family Fun Night program

7 Stages of Laughter program

7 Stages of Laughter

for schools

Troupe member in the air

for schools

Camper Comedy

for schools

Circus trainer and camp kids

for schools

New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

for schools