CircusDAY is our response to encourage a new kind of physical activity linked to learning. 

Recess is being cut back in our schools.  Physical fitness is being marginalized…which means that learning is being compromised.CircusDAYCircusDAY

CircusDAY™ is ideal for schools that wish to enhance and improve their student’s physical learning ability all in one day. Start the DAY with an Assembly Show, and then bring the kids to our trainers period after period. This is appropriate for all grade levels.

CircusDAY™ is the creation of AGC! co-founder Carlo Pellegrini, who worked with Physical Education curriculum writers to bring circus arts education to schools. It meets all National Learning Standards for physical activity in a school setting.

AGC! offers your PE instructors professional development classes on how to instruct the circus arts. This hands-on program is currently used by over 50 different physical education instructors in NY, NJ and CT. It is featured at Regional Physical Education Conferences, STAR Conferences and PTA groups in the northeast part of the United States.

Why Bring CircusDAY to your school?

Bring CircusDAY to your school because it is educational and fun. Teachers and students enjoy the show and the workshop together. Teachers and students relate to all the material in the show: it is written for The Ed Sullivan generation, as well as Generations X, Y and Z!

CircusDAY is also very cost-effective: you get an Assembly Show with two very talented performers AND a full day of your students testing out all the circus activities they saw in the show. Our performers are top-notch: many have performed on America’s Got Talent and have logged thousands of hours of school entertainment in their careers.

Can Teachers Get into the Act?

Yes! Students love to see their teachers ‘get in the act’ on stage. We have had teachers come up onstage with us who could juggle a bowling ball, a golf ball and a tennis ball at the same time. We couldn’t pass up a chance to see that in the show!

How do I book a CircusDAY?

Call Mr. Amazing at 845-721-5059 or email him at