CircusWEEK is one of Amazing Grace CIRCUS!s most sought after enrichment programs.


CircusWEEK is held during regular PE Class time, or any other instruction period. This program is conducted by three professional circus educators for five whole days for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades at your school.

CircusWEEK is an artist-in-residence program that brings the best of cognitive learning through physical activity to your students.

CircusWEEK can start with an Assembly Show on the first day, or culminate with a show for the school and parents on the last day. You can also plan to have parents visit the ‘circus gym’ on Thursday and Friday. This is the most fun you can have in a week at school.

The excitement builds as 5th graders learn the acts and skills they will perform on Friday. 4th graders are filled with anticipation knowing that next year they will ‘graduate’ into the 5th graders’ starring roles. 3rd graders learn circus skills at the introductory level. Time can also be built-in for 1st and 2nd grade classes to have a ‘circus experience’ during their PE class time.CircusWEEK

Schools love CircusWEEK:

A great example of how we work with schools is written here. This is Dows Lane School in Irvington, NY. This is our fifth year working with their students and teachers. 

Originally, Dows Lane brought us in to replace their annual class trip to Big Apple Circus because the cost became prohibitive and lacked an educational focus, according to the Principal. They found CircusWEEK to be the ideal replacement since we are a circus education program, an interactive program and their students could learn from real circus artists in their own gym! Problem solved!

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Make this the most looked-forward-to program of your school’s year —  year in, year out!

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