The Balance & Motion Science Circus

The Balance & Motion Science Circusthe balance & motion science circus

The Balance & Motion Science Circus explains the principles of balance and motion using circus skills such as tight-wire, diabolo, peacock feathers, juggling and rolling globe. This is one of the most exciting programs in the physical activity, circus arts educational market. Students acquire a deeper understanding of the principles, and retain the information longer, when they combine the physical experience with the cognitive information.

Age-appropriate for:

All grades.

How do students learn the principles?  

Students employ ‘active learning’ methods to experience physically how balance and motion work together. the balance & motion science circusMr. Amazing, the director of AGC!, and his Circus Assistants, lead the fun-tivities. Students learn about balance and motion as independent principles that work together.

Educationally, the principles are combined to create successful ‘acts’ such as juggling three balls; balancing on one leg then the other; finding balance and equilibrium with and on another partner; balancing peacock feathers and sticks on their hands, chins and feet; balancing on a tight-wire, and dancing on a rolling globe. The most exciting part of this program is watching the light go on in your student’s eyes when they understand that there is no balance without motion, and that almost everything in life is in motion.

What do the Teachers do during our program?

Teachers become our Circus Skill Mentors! Teachers know their students better than we do, and help us help them during the program. As circus educators, we really enjoy the collaboration with teachers.

How long is the program? 

1 – 2 class periods, a half-day or a full-day. We can even spread it out over several days, depending on the size of your school.the balance & motion science circus

How many students can participate in one session?

Up to 50 or approximately 2 classes at the same time.

What is your fee?

Call Mr. Amazing for fees and availability.

Why bring The Balance & Motion Circus to Your School?

The simplest and best answer is that the skills we will be teaching your students will be remembered by them for a lifetime. Research shows that children (and adults) learn best when they combine physical learning with cognitive input. And the most recent research has demonstrated that circus arts positively affects the executive function region of the brain in children. This is great news for your children: they will retain more information if they combine their learning with circus arts skills.