Circus Ta-Da! is a circus/theater/dance performance adaptation of the history of the American Circus. Taking place from 1806 to present times, this is a 90-minute historical romp of how circus got its start in the Hudson Valley and influenced the growth of America culturally and politically. Audiences young and old will thrill to acts created just for this cycle of shows.

Circus Ta-Da! Shows

Circus Ta-Da! takes place in an intimate circus tent seating 250 souls. No seat is more than 20 feet from center ring and everyone gets into the act! Hold onto your seats, hold onto your hats, because here comes the hottest act since Smokey the Bear!

The art of a traveling troupe combined with the science of putting up and tearing down a big top is an age-old tradition in Europe and America. It continues to be a robust industry in Europe, but here in America, it is a dying art form. This is why it is important for the public to support an effort, like ours, to continue, grow and expand the art. Until the early 1900’s, the American Circus was the third largest industry in America. With the advent of radio and tv, then video and now the Internet, attending a live event has waned. But, as my grandmother used to say, if you live long enough everything comes back again. The circus, in all its splendor, glory, and hard labor, is back to stay with Circus Ta – Da!

Come One, Come All!