AmazonSmile and Amazing Grace CIRCUS! just partnered so that folks who want to support AGC regularly can.

I believe in market forces taking care of the economy…with a few twists and turns.

Of course, who controls the twists and turns also controls the market forces.

But if you like to give to worthy organizations, this is an easy way to do it.

I also believe in corporate philanthropy.


                                                                                                          Amazing Grace Circus Inc


While .05% is a wee bit small given the billions Amazon makes, it is more than the .00% other corporations give.

With AmazonSmile you can make a donation to your favorite charity in an active, regular and capitalistic way.

Here’s our link:

If you are going to buy something anyway on Amazon, help AGC! help kids soar towards success by teaching them how to be smart and fit for life.

And give them a reason to Smile!