“Here is a testimonial from the heart: The Dows Lane Circus Experience, led by ‘Mr. Amazing’, brought to life the concepts the students have been working on all week in class. Bravo!” – Dina Lendhard, 2nd grade teachertestimonials

“What you have done for these children’s confidence is outstanding. I want all the kids I know to attend your circus camp and school programs.” – Dick Nelson, Circus Fans of America member

“The amazing thing is that you have changed our student’s lives. But then, that’s why they call you ‘Mr. Amazing!’ – Teresa Wargo, PE Director, West Haverstraw Elementary School, NY

“I can think of no finer program, circus arts or otherwise, to put a youngster into. I can only hope my grandkids find themselves in your hands learning the skills you can teach and the lessons you have to offer.” – James Gilbert, National Trainer, Cooperative Development/Differentiated Instructiontestimonials

“It was particularly impressive for us to see how your team coaxed a cool persona out of our daughter.” – P. Primakov, physical therapist

“We can’t wait to make CircusWEEK a yearly tradition!” – Patrick Beckley, PE Director, Garrison School District