Hippo Testimonials

The Hippo flew into the hearts of our Youth Troupe’s audiences October 7 & 8, 2012.

Following is a sampling of what folks who saw our shows are saying:

“What a wonderful show, Carlo!  A lot of kudos needed there, including for your script.  Actually a narrator was a good way to set up & follow the storyline!  I have suggested to Deborah Grosmark, or maybe Megan, that she write up the event for the Jan/Feb issue of White Tops.  And don’t forget to submit for another grant from the Edith Johnston Fund!”

“I talked with Janet last night and told her how much I loved the show…I wanted you to hear it as well.  There was not a minute of it that I did not enjoy.  I loved the story and I loved the creativity behind the show.  The snail, the hyena, Mr. Ant (this kid was amazing), the cats (this was one of my favorite parts), the monkeys (loved when the hippo was with the monkeys), the music, the costumes…the message…I could keep going.  I am so proud to know all of you…it makes me feel like a celebrity.  I know how much all of you did to make this work.  Please share this with Janet, Hillary, Karen and the kids,…you all did an unbelievable job. I would see it again tomorrow… :-)))) “

“It WAS the best show in Rockland this day and any day for quite some time. Congratulations.”

“We loved the show, ate popcorn and cotton candy and purchased a T-shirt and left with big smiles on our faces and a great feeling inside.  Wonderful choreography and creativity that showcased every performer’s talents.  Thank you for bringing this great show to Rockland County.”

“My husband, two grandchildren and I attended the show Saturday–we all enjoyed it, especially the juggling!”

“To the cast, the producers, trainers, volunteers, and anyone else involved in this circus production:
What a great show you have created!  We had the privilege of attending this afternoon’s (Sunday, Oct.7, 2012) performance and were truly amazed at the professionalism exhibited by all the performers.  Each and everyone of you should be filled with pride of a job exceptionally well done.  We are already looking forward to your next great and wonderful production. Thank you all for sharing your talents with us.”

“This is a true-to-life fan letter from a live person.  I took my daughter and granddaughter to see Hippo yesterday, and I have to say that I am wowed beyond belief.  Your vision, and the visions of all your collaborators, is truly amazing!!  I can think of no finer program to put a youngster into.  I can only hope that my grandkids find themselves in your hands learning the skills you can teach and the lessons you have to offer.  Carlo, I have known you for a long time and I say…I only wish you and your project the absolute best in everything you need to make your circus an enduring piece of the landscape…for generations to come.”

“Hi, Carlo, we – and the grand kids – totally loved the show. Did you say you might do it again over the holidays?  I want to write a review in the November issue.” – Rivertown magazine

“We see a lot of shows come through here and a lot more youth productions. Usually the parents do everything for the kids; not your company. Your kids load, unload, pack and unpack, prep their own equipment and double check everything. They are more professional than some of the professional productions we get through here.  Congratulations on teaching them theater etiquette and how to BE professional – bring them back anytime!” — Johnny, RCC’s Stage Manager

“What a joy it was to be able to witness your triumphs this weekend!”

“Again, your troupe continues to make me proud!”

 “It took a jungle to raise the hippo and a cast of volunteers to help her fly. Congratulations to the Troupe and everyone connected to the show.”