2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Circus Camp Dates: Circus Summer Camp FAQs

Aug 19 – 30, 2019

Where is your circus camp held?

Marydell Faith and Life Center, 640 No. Midland Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960. The campus is beautiful and provides a unique setting: a $10 million view of the Hudson River, Hook Mountain and NY State Park.

What are the camp hours? 9:00am – 4:00pm

Circus TentWhat ages can attend? Ages 5 – 18

How do I register my child for camp?

Click here. (Tip: scroll down to bottom of the page)

You are having camp in a CIRCUS TENT?

Yes! Isn’t that Amazing? Not since we produced our CIRCUS-IN-THE-PARK EXTRAVAGANZA in 2009 in Memorial Park has our circus tent come back to town.

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

What will my child do in circus camp?

All campers learn how to juggle three balls, handstands, do a cartwheel, forward/back bends and walkovers, acro-balancing, equilibristics (walking on a tight-wire, balancing on a rolling globe, unicycle, rola bola). They will also learn aerial (static trapeze, silks), clown and comedy routines (acting) and how to put on make-up, costumes and put on a show. As a result, they will be ready to perform at the end of the week.

Early Drop-off or After-Camp Care?

Early Drop-off at 8:30am (no charge), but before 8:00am: $15/day. No after-camp care is offered.

Is prior experience in circus arts necessary? 

No experience is necessary. We teach them all the skills they need.

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Ratio of Counselor to Camper?

12:1 ratio per the guidelines of the Dept of Health for day camps.

What food should my child bring to circus camp?

Pack your child 2 healthy snacks and a lunch. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide refrigeration. Please put a cold pak in their lunch bag if needed. We provide ice pops every afternoon. We are a peanut- and nut-free camp and no fast food is allowed. There are no food machines at camp but we provide plenty of water to hydrate the kids. 

Children on scholarship will be given lunch in the Marydell Cafeteria and snacks provided.

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Do you offer swimming?

We had wanted to offer swimming, and had advertised offering it, but we regret we cannot offer it in Year 1 of camp. Next year, we hope to be able to open the pool and offer swimming.

How many children can your tent hold?

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Our tent is designed to seat 275 patrons in seats for performances. When we run camp, we have had as many as 200 kids in the tent. For our Marydell Camp, we expect to have up to 75 kids daily at camp. 

Can I stay and watch my child in circus camp?

As with school, parents are encouraged to drop off and leave their campers on a regular schedule to facilitate the daily routine of camp. If parents have safety concerns, or if their child has special needs, please discuss these with Mr. Amazing.

2019 Circus Camp FAQsI would like to volunteer to help out at circus camp. May I?

Yes, we would welcome it! You will need to go through our Counselor Training program first, and get certified at your own expense for First Aid and CPR. Because you are new to us, we will also need to run a background check on you. Call Mr. Amazing to discuss.

Do you take day trips?

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

No. Because who needs to? We have a circus tent!

Can campers attend for just one week?

Yes. But if campers stay for both sessions (i.e., two weeks), their skill-building will carry over into the second week.

Is there a camp show each week?

Yes! All parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to attend the End-of-Week Camp Showcase of Talents. It starts at 2pm each Friday.

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Do you teach anything besides circus skills at your camp? 

Circus is allied with acting, dancing, choreography, music, painting, set decoration. We find each child’s special talent and feature it. No child is left behind in our circus camp.

Is your circus tent air conditioned?

We use industrial fans to cool off the tent. Because Marydell is right on the Hudson River, we expect there to be cool breezes off the river. Would we love to offer you an air-conditioned tent? Yes! If you know an HVAC company that would like to sponsor the air-conditioning, we would love to talk with them!

Do you offer sibling discounts? 

Yes. Magic happens to siblings in camp – they learn to support each other and get along.

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Do you offer scholarships to circus camp?

Yes. If your child/ren are on a free/reduced lunch program at their school, you may qualify for a scholarship. Contact Mr. Amazing.

Do you run any other Circus Camps in the area?

Yes. Our sister-circus, Westchester Circus Arts, runs circus arts camps in Peekskill, Stone Ridge, Katonah and Tarrytown.

What if I want to have you run a Circus Camp in my area?

2019 Circus Camp FAQs

Certainly give Mr. Amazing a call to discuss. 

Do you offer CIT jobs to local teens?

Yes, we do. But they do have to attend our Counselor-in-Training workshop, and be at least 15 years of age. If they are 13-15 years old, they pay half-tuition for the two weeks while they learn on the job. Call Mr. Amazing.

Will you be offering shows to the public?

Yes! We will offer public shows each weekend and over the Labor Day Weekend. The schedule and link to tickets will be posted soon.

In summary, this is going to be a very exciting summer for everyone!

How do I sign my child up for Circus Camp?

Go to SUMMER CAMP on our website, print off all the forms (Registration, Medical, Waiver), fill out and send to Mr. Amazing with a check made out to AMAZING GRACE CIRCUS.

SEND your paperwork and check TO:

Mr. Amazing, Amazing Grace CIRCUS! c/o Grace Church Nyack, 130 First Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960.