Our MISSION as a community circus with a social purpose is to build C.I.R.C.U.S. into children’s lives:







AGC! is a 501c3 organization designated by the IRS for educational and charitable purposes.  It is a uniquely personal, cross-cultural community/social experience where children and teens take center ring in their lives, education and community.
Our focus is circus arts education.mission

Our instructors include educators, social workers, occupational therapists and circus arts professionals.  They have devoted their careers to teaching children how to learn to learn through circus arts training.


Amazing Grace CIRCUS! was founded by Carlo Pellegrini and Janet Hayes in 2002 missionafter the events of September 11th. They led a group of 16 teenagers from Grace Episcopal Church in Nyack, NY, through an eight-month process of discernment to identify a form that would give expression to their feelings, their hopes, their frustrations and their fears based on the events in NYC.  The ‘form’ also needed to give something back to the community.

Circus was selected for its thematic universality of stretching beyond one’s limits, of building relationships among a diverse group of participants, of a diverse community working together towards a common goal.  While the original intention of the circus was to give something back to the Grace Community that year, it evolved quickly into a community service/social circus model now in its 16th year.

Ask any child who experiences our circus and they will tell you: It’s Fun! Mr. missionAmazing is at the heart of this fun experience. With over 40 years in the business of circus and entertainment, he is the first to tell you that life is a circus. Running away to join the circus is the chance of a lifetime. But that is not his objective: his objective is to help kids understand that they can learn anything they put their minds to…even juggling, even unicycling, even math!