Circus Teen Troupe

We operate the oldest year-round Circus Teen Troupe in New York and New Jersey.

No prior experience in the performing arts is necessary to join our Circus Teen Troupe: only a  desire and a commitment to  learn (and be aged 13 – 18).  We train young people from all socio-economic backgrounds the skills and lessons that circus  offers: how to juggle everything life  throws them, how to balance on others shoulders, how to cooperate with members of diverse communities and how to create human pyramids of understanding.

Teen Troupe members learn how to teach children circus arts skills, perform about 12 times a year at Circus Family Fun Nights, and tour with an annual show. Each Troupe member puts in over 200 hours of  Community Service a year.

Teen Troupe members have found that being in a real circus as a high school student, and  writing their college essay about  their experience, has set them apart from the other application essays.

To join the AGC! Teen Troupe, please call Mr. Amazing at 845-348-8740. July 1 is the deadline for Fall acceptance.